Bartman814 (Also known as The Blue Renegade) was another British member of YTR (the other two being Brynn1100 and Hammycheez) and has been a Sonic and fan gaming channel for 3 years. He also owns his own group of Sonic Fangames called "Sonic Fan Dev Guild." He is also a friend to Starman3 and everyone else on YTR and joined in May 2013. His current team project is "Sonic Legends" and his other project is Sonic Adventure Emerald. He is a Moderator of YTR but left the group on 30/03/14 (2 days after Pinkolol left) after being in the group for 10 months. He returned to the group on 7/04/14 after being convinced by Starman to come back. Bartman is also the British Luigi of the British Brothers.

He then left for good on 14th March 2015 after realising the group is so shit and soon enough CowlynKyle replaced him as Luigi of the British Brothers. Brynn can't take jokes it seems.

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Bartman as YTR 3

Bartman as a YTR

The Sonic Fan Dev Guild Team:Edit

Bartman814 - Leader

HeatBeatTHH - Co-leader

True Power of Teamwork - Co-leader


Marvin Valentin

Black Ace






Cooolboy78 (YTR)
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Bartman in Super Mario 64


Appearances as a CharacterEdit

Starman3's Blooper SeriesEdit

He debuted in episode 45, playing a Sonic game before the power went out. He doesn't appear much and his role was taken over by Hammycheez in the next blooper. Due to his stance with Starman and the YTR he won't be in future bloopers and Hammycheez and CowlynKyle will take his place.

Super Mario 64: The Curse of the Invincibility FramesEdit

He appears trapped in Cool Cool Mountain. He roams around, worrying about the compression around him and if he and Hammy will escape. Eventually they find Brynn and they do, taking a break in the Cool Cool Mountain room after being trapped.

When Pink and Starman3 return to the castle, Fawn tells the two that Bartman is explaining the full story to Nintendo4an1.

Appearances as a UserEdit

Special "Other" VideosEdit

Pink's Christmas SpecialEdit

In Pink's Christmas Special, he appears at Jolly Roger Bay in front of Jinda and Branden. He participates in the music video they create much later.

Super Mario 64 Mini-Bloopers: 2D TroubleEdit

In this video, he reacts to the 2DS negatively along with various other YTR members because Starman made us.


Fourth Dimensional counterpart: Too good for that crap

Star World counterpart: Same as above.