FourigiFan54321 is LuigiFan54321's 4D counterpart.

FourigiFan's color code

Like LuigiFan, he is a smart and strong person who can easily overpower the enemies that stand in his way.


He first appeared in Into the Fourth Dimension. He appeared with all the others quite early on, before disappearing for a large part of it, not reappearing until Part 13. He found out from an error Toad that there were D-Stars being held by some 4D Toads. He then helped the group afterwards find more D-Stars and save the Fourth Dimension.

He made a cameo during Blooper 40 - Part 9, where he cheered Starman3 on to get up.

He also appeared in Starman3's Blooper 44, as he tricked LuigiFan into going into the room where Blood Garden is. He was part of the Fourth Dimension bloopers.


  • Dimension X counterpart/doppelganger: Nafigiul12345
  • Crown Dimensional counterpart: Fifuigifan54321


  • It can be speculated that since LuigiFan54321 changed his color code in Blooper 45, FourigiFan54321 could have changed his color code as well.