The Fourth Dimension is a Star Road texture pack made by MarioMario54321.

The Fourth Dimension Tower

It is also the fourth dimension in the dimensional cycle involving all the worlds, hence the name. It is commonly called 4D.


The Fourth Dimension first appeared in MarioMario5321's movie, Into the Fourth Dimension. The story took a major role there as it was going to be taken over by Dimentio, with the help of minions, but was stopped by the heroes from the next dimension.

The Fourth Dimension also appeared in Starman3's Blooper 44 as YTR went there after Starman4 sent them a letter to come for the Fourth Dimension Anniversary, as it had been a year since the events with Dimentio happened. YTR and 4DR had a great time and Starman3 defeated Dowser there.

Notable Residents

Areas in the Fourth Dimension

4D Tower

Fourpipe Sewer

First Floor

Second Floor

Fourth Road

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