MarioGame2222 was a friend of Starman3 and a former member of YTR. He has appeared in many videos. He quit in August 2013.

Appearances as a Character

Super Mario 64 Bloopers

He appeared in Blooper 40 to help fight the Blooper Stoppers alongside Starman3 and his friends.

After this Blooper movie, he made no other appearances in future Bloopers.

Super Mario Eternal Night

In this movie, he appears to help Jbro109, MarioMario761 and Metkuratsu Mizuiro and saves their lives from being attacked by the shadowish guys.

Into the Fourth Dimension

He appears in this movie when MM54321 is feeling tired from converting so many people over into the Fourth Dimension to tell him about the -20 trick, which is used for the rest of the movie and MG2222 bcomes a main protagonist of the group. He plays a very little role afterwards however.

The Moon World

In this movie, he follows the heroes to the Moon World and sneaks around trying to help the heroes on his own without being in a group, but ends up lost until Bombermoon finds him and the bunch group up. MarioGame becoming a main protagonist once again. However, once again, he plays a very minor role.

Super Mario 64: The Last Stand

He first appears when Starman3 recruits him to take care of the fight. He fights the Shy Guy Android twice, losing the first time and winning the second. He isn't seen again yet.

Appearances as a User

Super Mario Randomness

He appears in episode 2 as a way to show off characters.

Starman3's 9000 Subscriber Special

He appears here once.

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