Sinbad316 is the great leader and owner of the Unreal tournament Legends, (the UTL clan for short), he has been legendary on UT99, and has professional/expert building skill on Minecraft. He also is a really tough challenger to face in UT99.

This is Sinbad's current color code.

Sinbad316's Internet History

It all started in 1999, back in Runescape, he discovered it from his cousin, and thanks to him, he created his account online, but he could not find a proper internet name, but then he watched a movie related to "The Legend of the Seven Seas" and then, Sinbad115 was born. 7 years passed. Then, Youtube came into his life, and that's how his Youtube career started. Two years later, Starman3 came into his life as well, and he found SM3 was surprisingly good in video editing, and that's how he became a fond fan of SM3 himself. 1 year after, he started taking action and tried to talk Starman3 on Windows Live Messenger himself, sadly SM3 blocked him, however, he did not know that SM3 blocked him, thinking that SM3 was quite busy on editing videos, Sinbad got himself as well, busy training on how to get expert video editing skills, that's when recording video games on his computer started to get better. Three months later, SM3 unblocked him, while Sinbad thought he rarely got online because he didnt realize SM3 blocked him. He managed to get along with SM3 quite well, then, he managed to get his dream come true, becoming an official YTR member. Few years passed, and he started changing usernames, from Sinbad115, to Sinbad116, to Nerfstriker2010, to... SINBAD316!

Appearances as a Character

Super Mario 64 Bloopers

He first appears in the Blooper 40 saga with the Blooper Stoppers. He quits halfway through however.

He appears also in Blooper 43 to tell Mario and Luigi to shut up.

Appearances as a User

Super Mario Shorts

He appears in episode 5, where he objects back to Beatmax.

He appears in episode 6, where he isn't pleased towards Branden's music.

Roblox Goes Crazy

He appears in episodes 15-19, and also 24.

Super Mario Randomness

He appears in episode 5, where he says bad words to Starman3 which Captain hears.

Birthday Video (2013)

In this video, he wishes for a Fourth Dimensional counterpart, and Starman3 gives him one.


Fourth Dimensional counterpart: Sinbad416

Star World counterpart: