This is Skype Randomness Skits 9. In this episode, Jbro109 and MarioStar92 both want to show something on screenshare, but SM3 warns them not to because it will cause call trouble and end the call. This is in SM64 style.
Skype Randomness Skits 9 - ScreenShare Problem!

Skype Randomness Skits 9 - ScreenShare Problem!

This is the video.



  • Captain at one point references the movie "Wreck-it Ralph" by saying when MarioStar and Jbro have pulled the Skype wires that they're "Gl-gl-gl-gl-gl-glitching."


  • This episode actually took a month to release: this is noted by the fact that SM3 asks Pink at one stage if she wants to play Dark Moon and says "even if you don't have it." By the time it was released, she'd already owned the game. It was released due to Pinkolol's constant reminders.
  • This is the only episode so far to relate to something actually related to Skype (the screenshare).
  • Pressing the numbers on a video for Youtube brings up funny results in this video.
    • 1. Troll Boo says "Oooo!" when he's saying "Wall."
    • 2. Starman3 saying "real time." One of the least funniest.
    • 3. Jbro saying "oreeans" when he's saying "screens."
    • 4. Starman3 saying "No!" then punching Jbro.
    • 5. Jbro saying "There's also..." One of the least funniest.
    • 6. MarioStar getting owned by a boot to the head.
    • 7. Starman3 saying "ly." This was changed, before he would say "incorrectly," when he is saying "correctly," by accident.
    • 8. Jbro saying "I" really softly, almost like Luigi. This got changed however too.
    • 9. Starman3 saying "Let's go."

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