XxanbuxX10 (Pronounciation: Ex-anne-boo) is a member of Youtube Rangers. He is mostly known for his line "It's JAPANESE." He quit YTR in September 2013, but returned the following month, however, he insulted alot of members, and was kicked. He however apologized for his actions in December and was brought back.

In March of 2014, however, he left.

Appearances as a Character

Super Mario 64 Bloopers

He appeared in Blooper 40 in the final fight against Starman3, he was the one peeking out from behind the rest of the group.

He didn't appear in future Bloopers.

Super Mario 64: The Curse of the Invincibility Frames

It is unknown what role he wil play, but it is confirmed that he will have a role.

Into the Fourth Dimension

He appears to get a star in this movie.

Apperances as a User

Super Mario Randomness

He appears in episode 4, arguing with Xdeath77 in 2 different arguments. It's assumed they happened after one another.

He also appears in episode 9, being part of the audience that laughs at Captain after he sings.

Skype Randomness Skits

He appears in episode 8, ending off the episode by saying bye right after his line "It's Japanese"

Roblox Goes Crazy

He appears in episode 25 participating in skits.

Starman3's 5000th Subscribers Adventure

He and his counterpart are seen arguing over their languages.

Counterparts and Other Relevant Characters

Fourth Dimensional counterpart: XxanbuxX14

Star World counterpart: